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Words and Music by Michael B. Hicks
Michael B. Hicks Music, BMI © 2012

I received an ovation at the '05 graduation
It was a celebration of my matriculation
But I made an observation that caused me much frustration
So about this revelation I'll render this proclamation
We equate our education to overpriced information
A job with long duration is our justification
But after much perspiration due to financial obligation
Debt is my habitation, searching for an occupation

I borrowed money to go to school, I went to school to make money
But how I use that money is kind of funny, but I'm not laughing
'Cause I worked hard for it and now I can't enjoy it
'Cause more money--I owe it, and I'm wondering how that happened

It's financial incarceration with limited visitation
It's a jacked up situation--an unbalanced equation
Hopefully articulation will clear up speculation
Like most folks in our nation, I was sitting in a congregation
Where Biblical misinterpretation and religious indoctrination
Caused faulty application and self condemnation
But I found liberation through personal adaptation
Christ purchased my salvation...I'm talkin' 'bout reconcilation

A different kind of debt did I owe, no amount of seed that I could sow
Could cause enough fruit to grow to buy me life again
It was the grace of God alone, He called me as His own
Was lost, but now I'm home, no longer indebted to my sin

So I'm free...debt free

I went to high school in a small town, college in a small city
Where I met this girl named Sallie...Sallie was really pretty
Nobody warned me that Sallie could be really sadiddy
The way she flirted with me was really kind of witty
See Sallie looked up my address and she sent me a letter
She said she really like me and she wanted us to be together
And so we started strong and it just kept getting better
Sallie would always buy me things, and I would always let her
See, Sallie's of a different mold, she's a different type
Her charm had me in a hold, and she held on tight
I asked her, "…school is costly, but i should finish right?"
She said, "I got you covered, go do what you like…
You wanna go to school? Then I support you, Mike…
You wanna shoot for the stars? I'll help you take flight."
She'd always bring me the sweetest bread--I'd take a bite
My graduation cap and gown was her favorite sight
And once I graduated, Sallie started acting funny
I looked her in the eye and asked, "Sallie, what's wrong, Honey?
My future looks bright, our sky--it looks sunny…"
She said, "we're finished, Mike…and now I want my money…
A future for us? Little interest…
I hooked you up & you talkin' 'bout you been blessed…
Remember when we met…and that letter I sent?
Next time, boy don't forget to read the fine print."

Sallie Mae

Sallie, may I take this time to tell you that I don't want you no more...


from This Is Life, released December 25, 2012
Words and Music by Michael B. Hicks
Michael B. Hicks Music, BMI © 2012

Rhodes/Clav: Mike Hicks
Bass: Jason Hardin
Guitar: Jason Hardin, Shane Smith
Live Drums: Kyle Hicks
Percussion: Brandon Newsome
Drum Programming for "Sallie": Ira Hunt
Strings Arranged and Conducted by Melvin "Maestro" Lightford
String Contractor: Matt Nelson
Violin: Avery Bright, Melanie Parobek
Viola: Michael O'Gieblyn
Cello: Matt Nelson, Emily Nelson



all rights reserved


Mike Hicks Nashville, Tennessee

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