How 'Bout You Shut Yo' Face!

from by Mike Hicks

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"How 'Bout You Shut Yo' Face!"
Words and Music by Michael B. Hicks
Michael B. Hicks Music, BMI © 2012

Back when I was 14 in the 9th grade
Basketball was the sport I played
But all of a sudden, I woke up one day
And my desire to hoop just went away
And so I told my coach that I was through
And that God had something else for me to do
That black man looked and said, “you’s a fool"
He said, "you’ll never make it through school…”

But the next year in the 10th grade
For the most part, I made all A’s
My teacher pulled me aside just to say
That she and my coach still felt the same way
I told her that my heart was in ministry
That white woman began to laugh at me
She even went as far as to call me silly
And she said, “that’s cute, but you need a plan B”

Little did they know, I had a wonderful father
Who said, “Coach just wants you on his roster
And for that teacher, don’t even bother”
So I went on to graduate with honors
My momma told me, “continue to preach;
Keep writing, for your destiny, it can be reached”
So now I laugh and look back and say
To everybody who said I'd never make it…

How ‘bout you shut yo’ face!

So to that unmarried mother to be
And that kid overlooked by society
And to that college student with all those dreams
And that frustrated kid who just wants to sing
At some point, somebody’s got to be great
Might as well be us, it’s ours to take
So join with me and politely say
When they speak the negativity...

Repeat Chorus


from This Is Life, released December 25, 2012
"How 'Bout You Shut Yo' Face!"
Words and Music by Michael B. Hicks
Michael B. Hicks Music, BMI © 2012

Rhodes/Clavinet/Lead Vocals: Mike Hicks
Wurlitzer: Melvin "Maestro" Lightford
Organ: Elijah "D.D." Holt
Bass: Eric Ramey
Guitar: Andy Jones
Drums: Johnathon "Smoke" Lucas
Percussion: Brandon Newsome
Tenor Sax: Kevin Matthews
Alto Sax: Cord Martin
Trombone: Casey Lowrance
Trumpet: Joe Jordan
Horn Arrangements: Mike Hicks
BGVs: Mike Hicks, Kyle Hicks, LaSheena Allgood
Additional Vocals: Toya Haynes, J. Adams, Tiffany Adams



all rights reserved


Mike Hicks Nashville, Tennessee

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